Club Penguin:: Mission 6- Questions for a Crab (Guide)

Hi Guys, The new mission is out and it’s great fun! Well, here is a Step-by-Step guide for this mission and there is also a video at the bottom of this post, The video is made by my friend Mohd222. Be sure to subscribe to him and check that video out! Well, here is the guide:-

Step 1: Logon to Club Penguin and then goto The Agent Headquarters. Go on this Mission. If you have not completed the previous mission (Secret of The Fur) you will not be allowed to complete this Mission and would get this message:-

Mission 5, Solve it!

Having trouble solving Mission 5? Then goto this guide which will help you solve it easily by Clicking Here!

Step 2: Talk to G and he will start ‘Crab Translator for you but sadly it will be destroyed by the Crab. G will ask you to catch the Crab.

Step 3: Go back to the Penguin Secret Agency by going right, and then again going right. You will see the Crab but he will go to the Sport Shop. Go to the Sport Shop and from there goto the Ski Village. The Crab will go to the Mountain and also talk to the two Penguins.

Step 4: The Crab will jump from The Mountain (The same place where G asks you to test his Sled) and then you also jump from it. You will fall along with the Crab. Don’t worry you won’t loose your Spy Phone this time and you won’t get hurt. Goto your extreme right and you will see a bag of ‘O’ berries hung on a tree. Cut that bag with the help of the Scissor in the Spy Phone and as it falls down pick it up and put it in your inventory.

Step 5: Goto your left and from there you will reach where you started. Go in front and again go in front and you will meet the Black Puffle. Feed the Puffle a ‘O’ berry and he will be your friend. Goto your front again. From there goto your left and you will see the Crab running away to The Cave where you had gone in Mission 2. Goto the Cave by going in front twice (Once, where you see the lake there, then again go front, You are at The Cave’s door. 

Step 6: Put a ‘O’ berry at the small door and the Black Puffle will go in there and open the door for you. Go inside the door and a polar bear will put a prisoner door at you! The Crab is called Klutzy. The Polar Bear is called Herbert P. Bear. He will then talk to you about his life, how and why he came to Club Penguin, what is his objective (He wants to cut the Ski Lodge for wood!)and about many more things, He will explain this by bringing a paintboard with drawings on it. He will also take away your Spy Phone which is given to him by the Crab. After explaing things, the Crab will come and destroy the Painboard and leave you alone.

Step 7: Goto your left until this part comes:-

Mission 6 Important Thing

First put a ‘O’ berry on the handle/lever (The thing I have highlighted through the Maroon color). Then, put a ‘O’ berry at the second lever (The thing I have highlighted with blue color). After that, finally put a ‘O’ berry at the Weigh balance (The thing which is highlighted by Yellow color). You will now be free!

Step 8: Now goto your left side until you come to this part:-

Important Items in Mission 6

Get all the items which are highlighted and the ‘Electromagnet 3000’ blueprint is very important as it gives you a extra award. Now take a ‘O’ berry and mix it with the Hot Sauce and the Anchor with the Rope. Now goto your left and open the door. The door will open but Snow will block your way. Put the mixture of ‘O’ Berry and Hot Suce that is a ‘Spicy ‘O’ Berry’ and put it in the way of the door. The black puffle will eat and make a hole for you. . Get out of that hole. Your inventory should be like this:-


Step 9: Goto the Right side and go there. From there goto your left and go in front. Again go to your left and then go in front. Goto your extreme left and then there will be a structure like this:-


Over there, the Mountain will be in full view and put the Rope and The Anchor on it. You should be on the Mountain (Place where Sled racing is Done). After that, goto the Ski Lodge. They will be where you play Ice-Fishing. There the Polar bear and The Crab are there. The Polar Bear will talk of getting hungry and then get a Seaweed Pizza for him by going to the Pizza Parlor. To goto the Pizza Parlor, get out of the Ski Lodge, then goto your right then you will find Dock (It can be identified by the boat, used in Hydro-Hoper). Go there, from there goto your right, you will reach the Town, then goto the Snow Forts by going right, Again go right, and you will see the Pizza Parlor. Go inside it and you will find a worker there. Order a Seaweed Pizza and put it in your inventory. Now go back to the Ski Lodge by going left, you will reach the Snow Forts, then again left, you will reach the Town, again left, you will reach the Dock there you can spot the Ski Village easily by noticing two buildings. Go there and goto the Ski Lodge. Go where you play Ice-Fishing and drop the pizza. The bear will then start eating nad now quickly press this lever (It will make the machine go back). The lever should be towards the red side. I have already pressed the lever so it is that side only. The bear will then come and work on the machine and the machine will then go towards the other side. Well this is the lever:-

 A Very Important Thing

Yay! The machine is spoiled and then G will come. Give him the blueprints and talk to him. The mission will then finish. You get two awards and also your Spy Phone back. More pictures coming soon. Well, Here is the video by Mohd for this:-


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